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Explaining a significant hiatus

It has been a while since my head was clear enough to write anything here. Long story very short, I have a new job, closer to home, and am spending twice as much time with the kids. No more nannies. … Continue reading

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I’m just not very good at anything today.

I’m cuddling with two kids and a cup of coffee. My house is a disaster, there is a long work day ahead, and I have done zero Christmas shopping. I have a 22 lb turkey AND a ham defrosting in … Continue reading

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A to Z- Random shit about me

I was inspired to do this by Erin at Bows and Sparrows, who has a smashin’ fashion blog in Sacramento. She has this feature called closet case and she featured my amazing cousin several months ago. For me, the site … Continue reading

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The best damn potluck salad ever

I love to party. Specifically, to attend or throw a party where everyone brings something to share. This past weekend, I hosted a bunch of folks at my house for a BBQ and made my favorite no fuss side salad.. … Continue reading

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Bad Mommy

I took my kids for a happy meal. We had a long weekend in San Francisco, and Sunday included a park at 7 am, photos in a firetruck on our way to the streetcar, followed by a streetcar ride to … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market

I was thrilled that Darian took a nap today. She woke up shortly before I arrived home, and we all got to walk down to the farmer’s market together. I’m guessing her body needed some rest to heal the enormous … Continue reading

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Simple things I love in the morning

This cup of coffee (or 3), without which I might cry all morning. Finding this photo of Darian:           Green plants,  growing strong in this cold wet spring, indoors Seed catalogs The smell of bacon in … Continue reading

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Not a Bitch

You have uninvited me to your birthday party ( that isn’t happening until February) twice a day for the last 3 weeks. You’ll be lucky to HAVE a birthday party if you keep it up. Continue reading

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Chicken Marsala over Creamy Polenta

My poor baby boy had a fever last night. Usually, this means he cuddles with me on the couch and pops in and out of sleep. He is a true momma’s boy, so Daddy won’t do, and he only wants … Continue reading

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Black and Bitter

I, like most other 12 and 13 year old kids living in my small Northern California town, ate up every stereotype. We dressed ourselves in thrift store chic. We smoked Marlboro Reds purchased by the homeless guy in front of 7-11. We listened to Nirvana and wept when Kurt Cobain decided his coffee drinking, music playing, flannel wearing life was no longer worth living. Continue reading

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