New Additions

When I was 23, we adopted Frank and Luis, 2 cats. It was a symbol of something for me and my boyfriend at the time.

We moved in together, and he brought home the 2 cats before we even had our furniture.

Our first Christmas as a family.

The cats are named after 2 friends, each who passed away tragically. The pain of those losses were still very real for my boyfriend and I, and giving those young men namesakes helped us along with our grief.

Frank and Luis have been an amazing asset to us. They are loving, protective, and two of the handsomest cats I’ve ever seen.

When I was 24, I got pregnant. This was a game-changer.

My boyfriend became my husband. For the tax benefits. He continues to be my husband because he is the most amazing man I have ever met. I would be lost without him. Marriage is way better than I had anticipated.

My daughter is radiant, smart, and very very funny. She was born on my husband’s 30th birthday.

I lost a huge patch of hair on the top of my head from the hormones and the stress after her birth and it took a full year to start growing back…

Mardi Gras baby

Then, when I was 26, I got pregnant, again. Yeah…we were freaked out.

My son is charming, goofy, intense and passionate. He was born 10 days after my 27th birthday.

In retrospect, he was the best thing that could have ever happened to us. We were complete.

It has been a rough, amazing, terrifying, and brilliant 4 years for my hubby and I.

Sunday, when I was 28, I met the newest members of my family. They are just perfect.

Meet Beverly (Bev), Dorothy (Dot), Martha, Barbara (Barb), and Melanie.

"Cheep Cheep Cheep, Talk a lot, pick a little more"

My hope: That they grow to love us and bless us with just a bit of chicken bliss. I am currently chicken obsessed, and I imagine you will see more pictures of growing chicks than you can stomach. I apologize in advance.

We needed a new living thing in our lives. Too many deaths in 2009. Too much sadness in the world. Too much ugliness.

Their eggs with feed us, their eggshells and poop with help enrich my vegetable garden, and their existence will help me teach my children about responsibility, safety, love and, at some point, loss.

All are welcome to the Peezy house to check out the newest additions.

One last thing for today.

My nephew is due in 6 weeks.

2010 is going to be a good year!


About dirtdonthurtmom

Beauty and Simplicity inspire me. Lack of clarity annoys me. Selfish people really piss me off. I have a filter, but ignore it, mostly.
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2 Responses to New Additions

  1. pop says:

    sounds good too me

  2. gramps says:

    Love this post.

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