*I wrote this 2 days ago during my lunch break. 1 hour later, I got a call that Darian told her teacher she had a pretzel stuck in her ear that she put there the day before. Took her to the doctor. No pretzel. The day didn’t get better from there.*

Up, down, dodging bullets, and not particularly invested in surviving the day.

I am happy about so many things: the shrimp tacos I’m making for dinner

(Ugh, I have to peel all those damn shrimp, and then I have to try and make the marinade with my kids tugging at my skirt and Rhys WAILING about not having my 100% uninterrupted attention)

My house is relatively clean after TWO WEEKS without a sink or Dishwasher or clothes washer. We did our dishes camping style out of a keg tub. We didn’t do laundry. At all. It was my own personal hell.

Now that it is clean, Jared says I seem happier than I have in weeks. Which I am. Mostly.

(GRRRRR. Now I have to keep it clean and these kids won’t put their shit where it belongs and I just want to drink a beer and read my book but I have to pick up after these brats)

It’s hot. My garden looks great, and my drip system is running again. In fact, I get to harvest 2 zucchini today when I get home.

Except I KILLED my mint plants. How is that even possible? Mint is a weed.

I know how it is possible, actually. I didn’t water it for 3 days and it got all sick looking. I was feeling lazy and kind of angry at myself for neglecting it , so I still didn’t water it. (Good thing I still feed my kids when I’m angry and lazy, huh?) This is why I have an irrigation system. When I didn’t, things died.

The only thing keeping me going today is my shipment of Cookie Lee Jewelry.

I am a Cookie Lee consultant, and just got the most ridiculously fun ring in the mail. It is technically a hostess gift, but I ordered one for myself, too…

I know it is over the top. that is what makes it fun.

Some days, a girl needs something over the top to make her feel better.

I’ll leave you with this face because this is how I feel:


About dirtdonthurtmom

Beauty and Simplicity inspire me. Lack of clarity annoys me. Selfish people really piss me off. I have a filter, but ignore it, mostly.
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7 Responses to Grumpy

  1. Brandi says:

    Love it! You are so funny and a real mom! I can appreciate that.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    And this too shall pass. Someday in the not too distant future, you will look back and laugh hysterically about all of this.

  3. Wandered over from your comment on the Amateur Gourmet’s blo g and I’m so glad I did. That’s my EXACT expression today 🙂

  4. Bill says:

    You have a gift Roya — for putting words on paper and bringing them to life. Keep it up!

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