Farmer’s Market

I was thrilled that Darian took a nap today. She woke up shortly before I arrived home, and we all got to walk down to the farmer’s market together. I’m guessing her body needed some rest to heal the enormous gash in her forehead from this morning.

It was a little late for us to be in public. The witching hour was fast approaching for Rhys, but we dawdled anyway in the early evening heat, tasting samples, looking at crafts, chatting with the farmers. The kids even split a cup of goat’s milk ice cream from Laloo’s. It was delicious.

I went anticipating booth after booth loaded up with fresh fruits and vegetables, 12 varieties of peach and nectarine, 6 cherry stands.

I was disappointed.

It was twice as expensive as the farmer’s markets in Sacramento, and there was no variety. I don’t mind paying a premium for organic, local produce. However, $5.00 for a small basket of cherries seems astronomical to me. There wasn’t even any rhubarb! If anyone local has fruit trees with an over abundance of fruit, please let me know. I’ll buy it or turn it into preserves and chutney and give you a bunch (whatever you prefer). I can’t afford to preserve when 7 nectarines costs me 9 bucks (I’m serious). It is early in the season, so I have hope for a bounty that lowers the price point in July and August!

We came away with cherries (which will turn into this if they last until Father’s day), nectarines, kale (for kale chips and this salad), hot and spicy garlic, onions and the most delicious lemon pita chips ever. I’m anxious for things to heat up around here so I can get  true feel for the market. I saw more craft and prepared foods booths that vegetables, which is fine except that I prepare almost everything from scratch. I may need to check with Petaluma Market (which will now be known as P-Mar on this blog) to see how much of their produce is locally sourced to supplement.

(My cat just spilled red wine all over the cover of  a library book. Excuse me while I go reduce the size of my family by one feline.)

I’m back, and you’ll be happy to know that my wine glass survived the 2 foot drop. The book had a plastic cover, so it will also live to be read another day. The cat….well, I’m not much of an animal abuser, but oh how I wish I had it in me…

Based on today’s experience, I did determine that our fall garden will expand by at least 1 bed to accommodate garlic, onions and potatoes again this year. There are so many things I’ve had to purchase recently that we grew ourselves previously…and I controlled the variety and quality.

One more thing: When did they start having jumpy houses at the farmers market? It caused a nuclear meltdown on our way out, JUST when we thought we were home free. I shake my fist at you, jumpy house chick.

So we came home, ate a delicious vegetarian chili made by J, and snuggled down for the night.

I’m trying really hard to be a good blogger, so I’m writing this rather than reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, and now I’m exhausted and too tired to read. I wish I still had wine.



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Beauty and Simplicity inspire me. Lack of clarity annoys me. Selfish people really piss me off. I have a filter, but ignore it, mostly.
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2 Responses to Farmer’s Market

  1. MamaGigi says:

    Wednesdays stay in the city a little later and come to our farmer’s market with us (Haight street – starts at 4) – I got INSANE cherries for $3 bucks. Same thing in Dixon today.

    They should be 99cents a pound right now!

  2. coral jones says:

    so sad. I bought a box of peach seconds from the farmer for pie. Almost sorry to tell you, but 10 lbs cost $5. You might try that route next time.

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