I am who I am

About me?

I’m outspoken. Bossy. Use the words love and fuck with a frequency that scares and shocks people. I love their fucking reactions.

I’m a grown-up that shoved herself into adult-land and I often wonder what I’m doing here. I totally love it here.

I am an excellent listener.
I talk about myself too much when I am around new people because I’m nervous.

I’ve never met anyone that was indifferent about me. Most people think I’m just a little nuts, and they either love or are scared of me because of it.

I just might say what’s on my mind. This should terrify you. Or thrill you.

My husband is VERY VERY VERY important to me. Without him, I would be someone else. He saved me from myself and for that I will be eternally grateful. He is also super sexy and wise and amazing and kind.

My children are really really cute. Much cuter than photos. They adore each other and this makes me feel like a great mom.


2 Responses to I am who I am

  1. yo mama says:

    well, yeah. you are a perfect mother.

  2. Gray says:

    You are who you are and I love who you are.

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