Search me.

Someone found my page today by searching “not very good at anything”.


That is so incredibly eye opening. Even google recognizes that I’m a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

Thanks for the ego boost, search stats! That just made my day.


About dirtdonthurtmom

Beauty and Simplicity inspire me. Lack of clarity annoys me. Selfish people really piss me off. I have a filter, but ignore it, mostly.
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3 Responses to Search me.

  1. Katie says:

    Don’t let the random internet weirdness get you down. I’m sure if you pay attention you’ll find way more interesting search terms than that! Positive ones too…

  2. Well, that’s a glass half full/empty slap in the face kind of stat.

    I think I’d first be defeated, thinking Google was insinuting to anyone who asked that I wasn’t good at anything. Then I’d be quite reassured that at least something I wrote, somewhere somehow got me top billing on Google. You can’t ever be the best, right, you can just be better than the rest who showed up and participated. So you win the “I put my ideas on cyberpaper and people find them and read them.”

    You’re the best of articulating something that a searchbot found. Yay, you!

    At least they weren’t searching for defeatist and jack-of-all-trades porn…

  3. *insinuating

    I proofread before I pot, so why do I not see comment typos until it’s too late? *sigh* Not very good at anything, either.


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