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123 testing Advertisements

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Search me.

Someone found my page today by searching “not very good at anything”. HAH! That is so incredibly eye opening. Even google recognizes that I’m a Jack of all trades and a master of none. Thanks for the ego boost, search … Continue reading

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What the ELF?

I’m not grinchy. Or scroogey. But I’m very fucking cranky about this whole “Elf on the Shelf” phenomenon. Eventually one of my children will see this elf in your home. And they will want one for OUR home. And that shit aint happening. Because we do not allow tattling. That Elf is nothing but a big ol’ tattle tale. I’m not having it. Not even a little. Continue reading

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Because I’m the boss…

On my drive home yesterday, I came up with an awesome way to explain Unconditional Parenting to y’all. Unconditional Parenting is almost exactly like being a good manager. • You talk to your children like they are adults that can … Continue reading

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I’m just not very good at anything today.

I’m cuddling with two kids and a cup of coffee. My house is a disaster, there is a long work day ahead, and I have done zero Christmas shopping. I have a 22 lb turkey AND a ham defrosting in … Continue reading

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Oil slick

Having babies gave me drug addict skin.
I’m serious.

Smearing oil on my face like a crackhead gave me baby-like skin.
Serious again.
I swear to you, my skin looks like a kajillion bucks more often than not. This is a fucking miracle. Continue reading

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Fall is where it’s at-in my garden.

Yesterday, I failed miserably at unconditional parenting. My patience with them was short. Rhys is going through something annoying, and Jared is working all weekend. It took us an hour of screaming and tears (mine and his) to get clothes … Continue reading

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