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Dishpan hands

No, I will not do your dishes.
Except if you cook me dinner at your house. Then I’ll wash your dishes as long as you give me sips of wine and stay in the kitchen to chat. I hate missing the party.
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I’m just not very good at anything today.

I’m cuddling with two kids and a cup of coffee. My house is a disaster, there is a long work day ahead, and I have done zero Christmas shopping. I have a 22 lb turkey AND a ham defrosting in … Continue reading

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A to Z- Random shit about me

I was inspired to do this by Erin at Bows and Sparrows, who has a smashin’ fashion blog in Sacramento. She has this feature called closet case and she featured my amazing cousin several months ago. For me, the site … Continue reading

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Not a Bitch

You have uninvited me to your birthday party ( that isn’t happening until February) twice a day for the last 3 weeks. You’ll be lucky to HAVE a birthday party if you keep it up. Continue reading

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Clean Being

I’m just not built to clean. I’m built to soothe, joke, cook, laugh, drink, read, garden, kiss, love, work and write. Not so much built for washing, folding, bed making, sweeping, wiping, mopping and my arch nemesis…putting laundry away. I … Continue reading

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