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Because I’m the boss…

On my drive home yesterday, I came up with an awesome way to explain Unconditional Parenting to y’all. Unconditional Parenting is almost exactly like being a good manager. • You talk to your children like they are adults that can … Continue reading

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Bad Mommy

I took my kids for a happy meal. We had a long weekend in San Francisco, and Sunday included a park at 7 am, photos in a firetruck on our way to the streetcar, followed by a streetcar ride to … Continue reading

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Limbo. Fun-but-you-don’t-know-why-break-your-back dance or that in between time, not knowing where you are going but knowing you are done with where you have been. I don’t have much to say other than this, but wanted to type a few words. … Continue reading

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7 am conversations

D: Mom, is rhys handsome? Me: Yes, very. Do you know what handsome means? D: No. Me: It means beautiful, for a boy. D: He’s not beautiful, mom. He’s HANDSOME. ME: Guess you do know what it means. D: When … Continue reading

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